Day 16 – 30 paintings in 30 days


I love the way abstract art invites the creator and the viewer to collaborate as storytellers.

As the creator, I have my own story that informs the choices I make (materials, color, gesture, etc.) that lead me towards a finished painting. Sometimes I clearly know the steps I need to execute to realize my vision.  But more often, my process is based on intuition.  I couldn’t articulate what influenced my color choices for this piece.  That pop in contrast just felt right to me.

And I love what you can learn about a person based on what they see in a piece. At the pop-up market earlier this week, I was struck by how many people were drawn to this painting because of the “Seattle Seahawks” colors.

So it made me wonder…was it intuition that inspired this color combination, or has the seasonal rise in Seattle football paraphernalia subliminally influenced my color palette for this painting?  Inquiring minds…

All I know is that this piece is super pleasing to my eye.

Here is painting 16 of 30:

SOLO #13 – 9″x12″ Oil & cold wax on Arches Oil Paper

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