Day 15 – 30 paintings in 30 days


Talking about these SOLO pieces with people I met at the pop-up market got me thinking about ways I can continue to explore this series.  All of these pieces are on 9″x12″ paper because it was the size I had available. Yesterday, I bought a larger pad of paper, and am interested to see how these paintings change as I scale up.

I have also been questioning whether I need to include cold wax for these paintings.  I used cold wax initially, because that’s the medium I’m exploring.  But as I grow this body of work, I’ll be curious to see how these paintings work with oil or acrylic paint alone.

Doors leading to more doors…not unlike the opening credit sequence of Get Smart TV show I watched as a kid.

Here is painting 15 of 30:

SOLO #12 – 9″x12″ Oil & cold wax on Arches Oil Paper

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