Day 17 – 30 paintings in 30 days


As someone who’s never been a multi-tasker, I find it surprising that I am at my most creative when I’m listening to podcasts (my favorites are long-form interviews with brilliant, creative people).

The brilliant “maker” Ann Hamilton says there is an energy and attention that is cultivated when these two sensations — the practice of listening and the act of creating — come together. This definitely rings true for me. My thinky brain is so focused on the conversation that it frees up my creative brain to be fully present and play. And conversely, there is something about my body and my hands being busy that allows my mind to open, and I’m able to fully absorb what I’m listening to.

Are there activities/practices you do that free up your mind to be more creative?  If so, please do share! I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Here is painting 17 of 30:

SOLO #14 – 9″x12″ on Arches Oil Paper

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