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Please join me for this public pop-up exhibit of my series, “My Life in 24 Frames.”


The most recent eight paintings in this series (created this year) explore how our humanity ~ our well-being and our suffering ~ is inextricably linked. Who we are, and how we live on this Earth, matters. Our death sustains and enables new life. And generations, like tides, continue to build on what came before.

Water is Life. Life is breath. Death births Life. Everything is Connected.

The Artist Talk will start at 6:30. I will share the inspiration and the stories behind these paintings, and then see where the conversation goes from there…

Eliaichi Kimaro
CityArtist Grant – Public Exhibit and Artist Talk

Tuesday Oct. 23 from 6-7:30pm
Columbia City Gallery
4864 Rainier Ave S., Seattle 98118

This project was made possible in part with the generous support of the 2017 CityArtist Grant from Seattle’s Office of Arts & Culture.


2 thoughts on “Upcoming exhibit & talk

  1. My dear Eli, I am slightly embarrassed to say that this morning I made my first visit to your website and blog. However, I have come to believe that everything has a time and purpose. I so enjoyed the video concerning your process and learning of your many dialogs with yourself. From our residency I did come to learn a bit about your process and was fortunate enough to see your work “live and in person”. I also have the beautiful piece you gave me. It is now in my studio and and brings me a source of beauty as well as a type of mystical understanding of my art as well as myself. Your studio discipline is inspiring and no doubt is also one of the main ingredients to your art. I understand, only too well, of what it was like for your during the pandemic years and working in near isolation. As you may remember, before leaving for our Orquevaux residency I had been living with Armando in a type of exile. My association with the Tucson art and gallery community was completely lackluster even though all my work sold at each show; making the gallery quite a bit of money! As a result, I had not been around “real” artists in many long years until arriving at the chateau. During those very long years of exile I continued to paint everyday not knowing what my future would or would not be. The only important thing was to keep focused and continue working in the studio. I learned more about myself as an artist/painter in that time than I had during the “good years” of showing and being an active part of the art world. I learned that making art was far more of a vocation than an occupation for me and that painting keep my aging mind from going blank during a most unfortunate period of my life. I often say that were I the only living human on Earth, I would still paint. This true because I only paint for myself, even when doing work for my patrons and collectors. Both you and your art are an inspiration for me. I feel blessed to have had the privileged to meet and come to know you. I pray that one day we will be in one another’s company again. Until then, I shall keep an eye on your website and blog. Be well, my dear Eli and continue, as I know you will, on your journey of making art. Love to you and yours, Bradley

    1. Bradley!! How lovely of you to visit my site and leave such a heartwarming message. Thank you kindly. You made my month!
      And I agree with all that you shared. We are so fortunate to have our art practice as a creative outlet that can see us through life’s most trying times. And at the same time, it shows us our true selves, so the learning only deepens as we continue to evolve.
      I am so very grateful that the Chateau brought us together. What a joy to be on this journey with you. Hope to see you in the not so distant future, my friend.
      xoxox eli

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